About This Site

Blue bird flyingThis site began as a place to house all things teaching-related.  In the beginning, it had teaching and writing resources, links, a blog, and more.  Pretty soon after, I created a “Hall of Fame” to showcase the wonderful work my students were doing.  I’ve been lucky enough to teach students who continue to create awe-inspiring class projects that earn a spot in the “Hall of Fame.”  Eventually, I realized that they needed their own site–so here it is.

The links and resources (over 200 at last count!) as well as course materials for current students are now housed in the Course Library.  It is open to anyone, so please feel free to browse.

Final note: In 2011, I started creating a “Literary Glossary” on this site.  My colleague, Dr. Beth Howells, graciously allowed me to use the glossary in her composition text, Reading to Write, as the foundation for the Literary Glossary here.  I continue to plug away at it in my spare time (what spare time?); for now, you can find it in its partially-finished state here on this site.